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Prof. Ukwu

Late. Professor Ukwu l. Ukwu

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2018 AfriHeritage Associate Fellows Retreat (copy)



Business Environment and Competitiveness Across Nigerian States 2016

15 August Big Ideas Podium

Dr. Oby Ezekwesili Canvasses for Economic Ideas Revolution at The Big Ideas Podium of 15 August 2017

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AfriHeritage Tasks CSOs on Synergy for Effective Impact

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The Reality of the proposed ₦56,000 Minimum Wage

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Prof. Ufo Okeke-Uzodike

Speaking at the Big Ideas Podium

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Prof. Bart Nnaji at Big Ideas Podium

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Participants at the 29 June Big Ideas Podium

Guest Speakers at the first The Podium Event organised by African Heritage Institution.

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The African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage), on Tuesday 12th December, 2017,…

14 December 2017 - 180 Views

Working Towards a Strategic Alliance.

AfriHeritage and German Cooperation: Working Towards a Strategic Alliance The…

10 November 2017 - 274 Views

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India’s state-owned banks endure a string of bad news

Spot the $1.8bnOF LATE Indian bankers have felt an unfamiliar sensation: optimism. A 1.3trn-rupees ($21bn) bail-out from the government seemed to have cleaned up the...

The markets still have plenty to fret about

BULL markets always climb a wall of worry, or so the saying goes. For much of 2017, the main concerns were political and the markets...

Recent tax reforms in America will hurt charities

DESPITE its oft-professed pro-market orthodoxy, America has always had an unusually large non-profit sector. Americans gave $390bn to charity in 2016, with the bulk of...

China’s stockmarket plunge: this time it’s different

A CHINESE new-year message from the American embassy in Beijing looked innocuous. It welcomed the Year of the Dog on Weibo, a microblog, with photos...

Men and women in economics have different opinions

MEN may hail from Mars and women from Venus. But economists, surely, inhabit planet Earth, surveying it dispassionately. Alas, a new paper suggests that even...

Tax reforms prompt upheaval in the private-equity industry

IN THE political cacophony surrounding America’s new tax law, the voice of the private-equity industry has been muted. This is perhaps unsurprising. The industry has...

American banks pay depositors less than online accounts

EVERYONE knows that interest rates are rising—except, perhaps, one group: American savers who have put $12trn in bank accounts. They have seen the government’s deposit...

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The African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage), on Tuesday 12th December, 2017, launched the official Report of the long awaited third edition of the Business Environment and Competitiveness across Nigerian States (BECANS)…


Working Towards a Strategic Alliance.

AfriHeritage and German Cooperation: Working Towards a Strategic Alliance The African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage) and the Deutsche Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are looking forward to a strategic alliance towards the…


Tweet-chat session with prof. Ufo Okeke-Uzodike on the 2017 Conference.

Tweet-chat session for the 2017 conference on the theme: "Peace Building and National Integration in Nigeria: The Political Economy of Separatism".


Ending Poverty in Nigeria: Donald Duke Calls for Strong Will and Strategy

Ending Poverty in Nigeria: Donald Duke Calls for Strong Will and Strategy Former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, has called for a clear vision, strong will and strategic…


5th October Big Ideas Podium speech

Guest Speaker's speech 5th October Big Ideas Podium(doc. format) Guest Speaker's speech 5th October Big Ideas Podium(PDF format)



Academics and other scholars who graced the 2017 conference of the African Heritage Institution, Enugu, have agreed that the attainment of peace and national integration in Nigeria is possible and…


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