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How to become a fellow



Aside from the Secretariat staff, and the program/project coordinators, the research, training, and policy advisory activities of the Institution are organized through a network of fellows whose degree of involvement depends on their disposition and competence.

An essential requirement for fellows is disposition to actively participate in the Institution’s research activities through physical presence and/or through the Internet exchanges. Membership is open to all Active Researchers {economics, statistics, and finance. Social science, management, accounting, law, and engineering} with capacity to complete at least one paper per year to be circulated either as working paper for the Institution’s Website or publication in journal or book chapter.

The following categories of network members are available

Senior Fellows {Researchers able to maintain physical presence at the Institution’s Secretariat almost on daily basis for at least 2 hours per working day}. These fellows are involved in the day-to-day running of the institution.

Associate Fellows {Researchers who are able to spend time on the Institute’s activities but are not disposed to be physically present at the Secretariat on daily basis. Where they live within one hour of driving distance, they would be expected to participate in the Institution’s weekly seminars and/or actively participate in commenting on the Institution’s programs and research papers}. The Institution’s research facilities are also available to the Associate Fellows.

Visiting Scholars {short and medium-term visitors such as exchange visitors, scholars and sabbatical leave, etc who wish to use the Institution’s facilities for research}.

Student Members {Research students ---- M.Sc students writing their theses and Ph.D candidates who have shown considerable potential to contribute to the Institution’s activities}.

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