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Call for Papers


Call open to abstracts

In response to multiple requests, the LSE Africa Summit is now accepting both full papers and abstracts. Authors of selected papers will present during the Research Conference on 22nd April 2016 and a selection of papers will be published in the Public Sphere Journal. This is a reminder that papers and abstracts can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 21st December 2015. We kindly ask to share this message with colleagues at your University, organisation or research institute.

Revised Call for Papers
The research conference titled 'Africa within a Global Context' aims to stimulate provocative and practical debates that move beyond conventions about the position of African countries in the world. Globalisation presents African countries with opportunities as well as challenges that require innovative solutions. Policies that aim to sustain the continent's rise cannot ignore growing interactions with China, money lost to illicit financial outflows or the impact of emerging African entrepreneurs and innovators. Nor can they neglect globalisation as a local reality. 

Submissions on (but not restricted to) the following topics are welcome:
  • China-Africa cooperation 
    • e.g. Who benefits from China's presence in African countries?
  • National policy space under global governance 
    • e.g. How do global conventions, negotiations and agreements limit policy space? How can African governments increase their leverage?
  • Local impact of global gender equality initiatives 
    • e.g. How do global gender equality values and initiatives (e.g. SDGs) translate into local realities?
  • Land grabbing and local complexities 
    • e.g. What are the local complexities and effects of the 'Global' land grab in African countries?
  • Business in Health Care / Global health 
    • e.g. Does the private sector play a role in strengthening health systems? 
  • Diaspora & development
    • e.g. How is the diaspora involved in political, social and/or economic development of African countries?
Other suggested topics: Illicit Financial Flows, Politics of Knowledge in Higher Education or Social media as a space for agency.

Revised dates and deadlines
  • 21st December 2015      Submission deadline papers and abstracts
  • 21st January 2016         Notification of selected papers
Submission deadlines for selected abstracts:
  • 22nd February 2016       Submit full papers selected for Journal & presentation
  • 21st March 2016            Submit full papers selected for presentation
Submission guidelines 
  • Submissions must include: a) the paper title, b) full paper or abstract, c) a short biography including your current position and d) Whether you need the LSE Africa Summit to cover your travel and accommodation costs in order to participate. The LSE Africa Summit can cover the costs for a limited number authors who will otherwise not be able to attend.
  • Full papers must be approx. 6.000 (max. 8000) words.
  • Abstracts should not exceed 450 words.
  • Papers and abstracts must be submitted electronically, in Word toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • All abstracts must be written in English. Apart from the abstract, the body of the full paper is allowed to be in English, French, Arabic or Portuguese.
  • All submissions must be original work, not published elsewhere.
  • Harvard style referencing preferred.
Papers will be peer-reviewed by an advisory board of academics and will be selected based on academic quality and relevance. Do not hesitate to e-mail us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions. We are looking forward to receiving your submission!

Kind regards,

Milou Vanmulken & Nejat Abdella 
Co-Directors Research Conference
LSE Africa Summit 2016
London School of Economics and Political Science


2014 Accountability, Effectiveness & Quality Improvement Summit -AEQIS

Welcomes your registration to participate at the first of its many planned dialogues on “Accountability, Effectiveness and Quality Improvement”.

Auspices: Effectiveness and Quality Improvement Agency (EQIA)

Theme: Accountability, Effectiveness and Quality Improvement (AEQI): Where is the evidence?

Venue:  DANNIC HOTELS, No 3 Edem Close, New Haven, Enugu, Enugu State,   Nigeria

Dates: Wednesday & Thursday, October 22-23, 2014

* This is subject to change without prior notice

About the Summit

Are establishments and agencies in African countries really poised to align with global best practices in measuring and assuring accountability, effectiveness and continuous quality improvement? This is a question that this Summit is designed to address as caring professionals and stakeholders come together to discuss, exchange information and reach consensus on the types of framework and guidelines that could become the standards or indicators of success in measuring accountability & effectiveness across a broad spectrum of settings.

Participants will engage in discussions with peers/experts that sharpen their assessment skills while gaining exposure to emergent and best practices in promoting continuous quality improvement of programs and services. Notable planning and assessment experts will give the keynote address(es) that set the tone to what is feasible and sustainable in this era of mounting pressures for accountability.

Accepted proposals constitute the concurrent sessions that provide in-depth perspectives on best practices, specific instruments and techniques for measuring outcomes and outputs. Poster sessions provide visual depictions of tested techniques/strategies and measurement methods shared as a one-on-one discussion.

A two-day pre-registered limited seating post summit workshop on “Assessment of Effectiveness Model” scheduled for October 24 and 25 offers participants hands-on experience with participation certification in applying a tested model for measuring and improving effectiveness.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Submission deadline is July 23, 2014

Consistent with the summit theme, AEQIS invites individuals/teams to submit proposals (papers and posters) related to measuring and documenting evidence of Accountability, Effectiveness and Quality Improvement (AEQI) spanning the following topics:

  1. Critical steps for planning the measurement of sustainable AEQI
  2. Identifying and overcoming window-dressing practices toward AEQI
  3. Best practices in Accountability & Effectiveness (A&E) assessment, reporting and documentation
  4. Linking Accountability & Effectiveness (A&E) assessment results with strategic planning and resource allocation systems
  5. Planning and implementing Improvement activities

PROPOSALS – Submission Guidelines

Our team of expert consultants will review submitted proposals. If selected, you will receive our confirmation email with final paper submission expectations/calendar by August 25, 2014. Others will receive non acceptance emails no later than September 15.  Please adhere to the following guidelines and submit your proposal abstract (2000 words maximum) by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Proposal title and objectives

  • Relevance of topic and its appropriateness to the theme

  • Significance of the content with Citations

  • Session format (Select one: Concurrent session, Panel discussion, Roundtable discussion, Poster session, Other)

  • Abstract/Synopsis

  • Qualifications of Presenter(s)/Brief Bio Sketch/Resume

Registration fees are 65,000 Naira ($395) per person if received by September 1, 2014. If four or more people from the same establishment register, there is a discounted price of 50, 000 Naira ($300) per person. After the deadline, beginning September 2, the individual registration fee increases to 75,000 Naira ($445) and there is no group discount. To register online now, please visit: www.AEQISummit 2014.net or email contact@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send mail to: P.O. Box: 4414, Enugu, Nigeria.                                                                               

Dannic Hotels will hold the AEQIS block of rooms special rate of 12,000 Naira per night plus applicable taxes (single or double occupancy) only until September 1, 2014. After this date, any unreserved rooms in the AEQIS block of rooms will be released to the general public on a space and rate-available basis. To make your reservation, call the hotel at 08034855019, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


National Workshop on:  Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

As the years go by, cases of extreme weather conditions are recorded with growing magnitude in different parts of the world resulting in deaths and loss of property. In light of this, the Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED) and Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA) is organizing a national workshop on ‘Climate Change and Environmental Degradation scheduled for the 8th - 11th September, 2014 at Abuja.

CPED and CSEA therefore through this call for papers solicit abstracts around the following subthemes:

  1. Science of Climate change: Regional Climate Change Evidence Niger Delta Region, Sudano-Sahellian Region

  2. Causes  of climate change Natural, anthropogenic

  3. Climate  change  impacts and solutions Ecosystem and biodiversity, Migration and conflict, National Security, Water  Resources, Human health, Telecommunication, Energy and Power, Agriculture and Food Security, Urbanization, Transportation, Natural disasters, Recreation and Tourism, Culture and Religion, Roles of NGOs, Green/Clean Technology, Green Economy, Urban Greening, Business opportunities of climate Change, Land Use Regions: Coastal region, Niger Delta, Sahellian Region

  4. Climate change vulnerability and adaptation

  5. Climate change, Education and awareness

  6. Climate change auditing and insurance  

  7. Climate resilient society

  8. Climate services

  9. Policy and Politics of climate change

  10. Climate change and gender

Important Dates

July15, 2014 -Deadline for submission of abstract(s)

July31, 2014 -Notification of acceptance of abstracts ends

August22, 2014 -Submission of full paper

September8-11, 2014 -Workshop

Abstracts and full papers should be sent to:

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Prof. Odjugo, P. A. Ovuyovwiroye                          Job Eronmhonsele

 Chairman: Workshop Planning Committee.           Secretary, Workshop Planning


For more details, download document here


PEGNet Call for Papers 2014

We would like to remind you that the Call for Submissions for the PEGNet (Poverty Equity and Growth Network) Conference 2014 is now open. We invite submissions from  researchers, practitioners and others actively involved in the field of development for our Call for Papers that has been attached to this document.


Please email your extended abstracts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  in a pdf or Word file and indicate ‘PEGNet Conference 2014’ in the subject heading.
Abstracts should have more than 400 words but should not exceed three pages. Priority will be given to empirical research with clear implications for policy design and implementation. They can either address the conference theme, explained in detail below or PEGNet’s core
research areas which are poverty reduction, inequality and growth.

 Important dates:

Submission of abstracts: April 11, 2014

Notification of acceptance: June 2014

Submission of full papers: August 15,  2014

Conference Theme:

This year’s conference will be held in collaboration with the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) in Lusaka, Zambia on
September 18 and 19. It will address the theme “Employment creation strategies in the developing world - How to create sufficient, productive
and decent jobs”.

PEGNet invites submissions that provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the experiences in the field of youth employment creation in developed countries?
  • What options exist to improve the labor market information and job matching systems?
  • Are subsidies for an apprenticeship system and the recruitment of young people a viable option to promote youth employment in a sustainable way?
  • To what extent might they be relevant for developing countries and emerging economies?
  • Should employment creation concentrate more on traditional sectors or focus on dynamic sectors as tourism, services, research and technology?
  • Thinking about future employment means thinking about education today. How can education at schools, universities and in vocational training be improved to provide better skills for future labor market demand? How can the current education and training systems be reformed in a way that best serves the employability of young people and their integration into the labor market?
  • How can the impacts of selected employment creation policies and instruments on youth employment be measured?
  • Is social protection a viable means of cushioning the effects of unemployment in developing countries?
  • How can we enhance the growth of viable and sustainable enterprises?
  • What are some of the country specific policy responses and job creation strategies that could be useful in addressing unemployment?
  • Should informal enterprises in developing countries be formalized and if yes how?

More information is available on our conference website
http://www.pegnet.ifw-kiel.de/event/conferences/conference2014 .

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you in Lusaka!

Kind Regards,
The PEGNet Team

African Heritage Institution

54 Nza Street Independence Layout Enugu

by phone: +234 706 209 3690, 908 011 6688

by e-mail: info@afriheritage.org


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