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Forum on Business Environment and Competitiveness across Nigerian States

Forum on Business Environment and Competitiveness across Nigerian States (FOBEANS) is the BECANS conference for advocacy and dialogue on business environment in Nigeria. The purpose of the Forum series is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity and evidence to collectively and continually examine critical business environment problems in the states and find solutions to them. It is also a platform for the dissemination of the report business environment survey coordinated by AfriHeritage and carried out by experts drawn from different states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory.

The first FOBEANS was held from 6-7 July 2006 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja in collaboration with the National Planning Commission and Central Bank of Nigeria. Participants included representatives of state governments, private sector organizations, civil society universities, journalists, businesspeople and industrialists. The Forum examined and adopted the benchmarks and indicators for measuring and comparing business environment across Nigerian states. It also sensitized and enlightened stakeholders on the business environment survey and the relevant data needed from state governments and private sector.

The second FOBEANS also took place in September 23, 2010 and baring any circumstances, the project is planned to take place every three years.

Generally, FOBEANS is convened against the backdrop of the evidence on business environment across Nigerian states. The evidence comprises two aspects: business environment ratings of the states and business environment reports on the states.

 Its main objectives are to:

  • Disseminate and discuss the business environment ratings of the states;
  • Launch the business environment reports, emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of respective states;
  • Initiate state-level stakeholder groups for advocacy on business environment reforms;
  • Provide training/orientation of state-level groups for enhanced capacity to carry out advocacy for business environment reforms;
  • Develop advocacy networks and action plans/milestones for state-level stakeholder advocacy groups;
  • Enable uptake and use of business environment reports for designing reform agenda and initiatives; and
  • Share information and experiences on business environment agenda items

      The Forum will feature the public presentation of the ground-breaking business environment ratings of Nigerian states. These business environment ratings are ground-breaking given that this is the first time Nigerian states are being scientifically benchmarked and evaluated on business environment measures, in an ongoing manner.

Previous national assessments were one-off aggregations that obscured state-level variations in the business environment. Such national aggregations misrepresent Nigeria to the international and domestic business communities. Also, the assessments lack relevant state-specific evidence to support advocacy by sub-national private sector and civil society groups.

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