Press Interview with The Guardian UK


The Executive Director Prof. Ufo Okeke-Uzodike granted a press interview with Eromo Egbejule of The Guardian UK on Wednesday 19th April 2017 at AfriHeritage Secretariat. Speaking at the Interview, Prof. U. Okeke-Uzodike commented that Nigerians actually control their destinies and need to take it seriously to achieve development. He stated that although there has been issues of neglect of the South East, there is need for the region to begin looking towards less dependency on the center. He mentioned that the states should be allowed to drive their own politics. He spoke that the South East region has the capacity to drive industrialization and this should be harnessed.

He emphasized that as a pathway to development and industrialization, there is need to encourage local industries and naturalization. He decried the mindset that anything produced outside Nigeria is better should be changed and made in Nigeria products should be promoted. According to him, when made in Nigeria products are patronized, then more jobs will be created. He beckoned on the Ministry of Commerce to drive the campaign.