Tackling Nigeria's Power Sector


The Big Ideas Podium is a veritable dais or new stage that provides an energetic atmosphere where well-informed and involved citizens with great minds can discuss or debate openly their big ideas on specific topical issues with national or international significance, without fear or favor. The basic idea is to identify, explore, and proffer ideas that can enhance or promote high quality and evidence-based policymaking. 

The 29 June edition of the Big Ideas Podium featured Prof. Bart Nnaji whose presentation was on "Electricity: Key Ingredient for Nigeria's Economic Development and Unity".  The participants represented a broad section of the society including government, business and industry, academia, civil society groups, communities, and the media. The presentation and much of the discussions focused on: 1) the provision of adequate and affordable energy; and 2) its relevance for economic development, peace, and unity in Nigeria. Those issues were anchored around how best to deal effectively with the challenges of power supplies to industries and households in pursuit of robust economic activities and higher quality life in the country.