AfriHeritage 2018 Conference



African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage)

Call for Conference Papers

Theme: The Political Economy of Migration in Africa

Although migration is as old as human history, it has increasingly attracted more attention in contemporary times. Clearly, this is connected to emergent human security issues bordering on personal safety and economic concerns. The rapid spread of global terrorism (and the apprehension it has generated) and the more competitive and difficult national economic circumstances across countries within the global arena have informed a growing hostility towards foreigners (even in hitherto immigrant-friendly countries) in the Western world. Poor economic performance and prospects, which have increased unemployment and other socio-economic challenges and disruptions -- especially after the global financial crisis -- further contribute to negative patterns of changing attitudes towards migrants who are often accused of taking jobs and exacerbating criminality. Thus, the world is gradually experiencing an upsurge in a trend of neo- and ultra-nationalism that have popularised anti-immigration politics and policies, with increasing threat on trends towards globalisation. The success of the BREXIT votes in the United Kingdom in 2016, which shocked the world, and the emergence of the Trump’s presidency in America, characterised by a whole range of anti-immigration rhetoric and policies, epitomise the reality of a radical change in migration issues across the world; a reason for its centrality in modern political discourses. Download paper here