Still Trending: AfriHeritage Journal of Conflict Transformation and Nation Building

The most recent publication from the stable of the African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage) – Journal of Conflict Transformation and Nation Building – which debuted late 2018 is still dominating discussions among some scholars and researchers. The journal which draws richly from such fields as peace and conflict resolution studies; international relations and diplomacy; intra/inter-cultural relations; military/civil relationship management; resource control and management; etc. has an impressive editorial board comprising of internationally acclaimed scholars.

Journal of Conflict Transformation and Nation Building is educative, informative and the various issues treated in this maiden edition are laden with facts and statistics. For students, teachers, scholars and researchers in governance and social development, peace and conflict studies, etc. a copy of this journal is certainly a priceless treasure in your library. Copies of the journal are still available, kindly get in touch with the Communications Unit of AfriHeritage.