Staff Roles in Institution’s Performance

at AfriHeritage is being sustained and enhanced.

In the Month of April, 2019, precisely on the 4th, the Institution organized an in-house training session for its staff and Management. The training session which was facilitated by Professor Mba, a renowned management strategist and Registrar-General, Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders, dwelt onStaff Roles in Institution’s Performance, Growth and Health.

Declaring open the training session, the Executive Director of the African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage), Professor Ufo Okeke-Uzodike admonished the staff and management to take full advantage of the opportunity of the in-house training session to update their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their various roles and responsibilities towards the success and sustainability of the institution as well as the realization of its set goals. He also encourage the staff to rededicate themselves to the ideals of the Institution, ensuring that set task and assignments are achieved with utmost honesty, efficiency, effectiveness and reasonable budget.

The training which expected outcome include identifying the dimensions of the value exchange contract that exist between AfriHeritage and its staff; analyze the primary essence of staff engagement and core attitudes in driving the institution’s prosperity; explain the role of top management in influencing and driving workers’ positive attitudes towards the institution’s prosperity; was a one-day event.


At the end of the training, some of the staff expressed their views: First is Tochukwu Okeke, the internal Auditor – “the training session is educative and informative”; while Chinyere Onyia, Finance and Accounts Executive said “the training enhances the relationship between the institution and its staff towards productivity”.