Generally, the concept of Research Communication is based on the understanding that transmitting research findings involves the translation of complex research terminologies into simple languages, formats and context that non-experts in the relevant field can understand.  This implies the employment of strategic planning in order to reach the desired target-audience. In this case, Communications Strategy is designed to help an organization communicate effectively and meet core organizational objectives. Today,   it   has   become   necessary   for   think-tanks/research Institutions such as AfriHeritage    to   consciously   develop and implement a planned program of action in order to carry stakeholders along.

For AfriHeritage, the communication plan and strategy is used to convey the key messages of  its  proactive  and  responsive  research;  collaboration  with  Nigerian  and  African think  tanks;  facilitation  of  evidence-based  policy  debate;  convening  stakeholder dialogue on topical issues including regional and international networking. This strategy, most times, includes not just dissemination through literature, but all inclusive of dissemination workshops, meetings, advocacy engagements, media engagements.