Research Communication

associations international organisations and firms provided such undertakings are consistent with its objectives and mission. Such services aim to provide high quality advice based on empirical research conducted through a network of experts within and outside Nigeria.

The Institution's clients includes government agencies, regional bodies, non-governmental organizations, universities, international organizations, donor agencies and the private sector.

One of the key research outputs of the Institute is its flagship programme BECANS (Business Environment Across Nigerian States).

Another important product of AfriHeritage's research is the AfriHeritage Databank

The institution also has an important Macromodelling and Forecast initiative under the Macroeconomic Analysis, Modeling and Forecast thematic group.

AfriHeritage has also carried out a lot of independent research and has has mad them available by means of its various publications, including the AfriHeritage Research Paper series and its various Policy Briefs that provide soft reading for its research products, making it available to a wider audience.