AfriHeritage established the Research Databank in 2006. Since inception, the Databank has been undergoing constant updating and enhancement to make it more useful, accessible and comprehensive.

The purpose of the Databank is to develop and maintain an ongoing robust, credible and up-to-date statistical database. The databank consolidates macroeconomic, microeconomic, social sector and human development indicator in a coherent and cumulative manner. The statistical database is a critical research resource.

It is intended to make research more efficient and effective at the Institution. The Databank is managed by a coordinating team. The team is charged with the function of mobilising statistical information from various sources, conducting data verification and transformation as well as updating them as and when due.

Today, the Databank provides the Institution’s researchers with quick, convenient and inexpensive access to verifiable datasets on various economic and development indicators. The Databank is also a ready statistical resource for government, academia and private sector.

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Available Data: AGRUD, BECANS