The Library‘s growing stock reflects the reading and research interest of the institution’s thematic research areas and scope of operations which include;

•Trade, Regional Integration and Competitiveness,

•Macroeconomic Analysis, Modelling and Forecasting,

•Public Sector Economics and Management,

•Poverty, Income Distribution and the Labour Market,

•Agriculture and Rural Development,

•Politics and Governance,

•Foreign Relations,

The physical collections spread across the following areas; 

AfriHeritage Institution Publications

CBN Publications

Commerce/Foreign Trade



Financial Economics

Health Economics

International Economics

Journals (Local and International)



NBS Publications

Nigerian daily Newspapers


Public Administration

Public Finance

Social Services

World Bank/IMF Publications

Library Services

•Online and offline library services in all subject areas via JSTOR, HINARI, TEEAL, etc.

•Availability of physical books and journals in different subject areas more especially social sciences and related subjects.

•Referral services.



World Bank/IMF titles: World Development Reports, Annual Reports, Global Economic Prospects, World and Africa Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, World Bank Atlas and Little Data Book, World Bank Discussion/Technical and Research Working Papers, IMF Economic Issues, IMF Occasional Papers, Training and Course Materials, etc.

Other Institutional PublicationsAERC Research and Special Papers, KIPPRA Policy Research Analysis, NESG Economic Indicators, Levy Institute Working Papers, United Nations Conference on Developments, CBN Annual Reports, and Statement of Account etc

Journals World bank Economic Reviews, World Bank Research Observer, NISER Monograph Series and Occasional Papers, NCEMA Journal of Economic Management and Policy Analysis series, Nigeria Journal of Economic and Social Studies, Nigeria Economic Society Proceedings, DPC research reports and others.

Newspapers and Magazines: The Library engages in Newspaper indexing on topical Economic issues. These Newspapers are; The Guardian, ThisDay, Business Day, etc The following Magazines are also found in the Library; Tell, News watch, etc

Book Section


All the resources above represent a section in the layout of the library. All these categories are annotated with set of numbers for easy retrieval.