March 2017 Big Ideas Podium



Regular and robust policy dialogues are important and defining features of nation-building and development. But to ensure sustained development and prosperity, renewal and inclusivity with respect to new voices and spaces are vital. Still, the steadying importance of experienced and reliable voices must remain in the mix of policy dialogue to ensure that needless mistakes are avoided or minimized through lessons previously learned.

Basically, policy dialogue is important and healthy (especially in a democracy), for effective governance. Democratic spaces are unique because they necessarily privilege and enable public participation and dialogues on policy between the governed and the governors. In this way, the public space is energized and opened up for engagement and policy bargaining between government, business and citizens through civil society organizations. There is compelling evidence that governments perform best -- with respect to well-received and articulated policies and service deliveries -- when they are forced to be accountable to their publics.

The Big Ideas Podium is a national platform for public policy debates on burning and salient issues that affect or shape development or governance in Nigeria, West Africa, or the African continent. It is anchored by the African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage), which was formally known as the African Institute for Applied Economics (AIAE).

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