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A new book will soon be unveiled by the Institution. The book which is principally a fall-out of a conference hosted in 2017 by AfriHeritage with the theme: Peace Building and National Integration in Nigeria: The Political Economy of Separatism. Given the success of that conference in terms of the quality of papers presented, AfriHeritage decided to take it further by publishing some of the best papers presented at the conference.

The book takes a look and analyzes the cacophony of voices of agitations for self-determination, resource control, true federalism, etc. of the various nations/interest groups within the Nigerian polity in recent times. As an advocate for good governance policy, it goes ahead to proffer solutions on how these restless quests for separatism can be harnessed towards development, nation-building and a peaceful co-existence.

Edited by a team of seasoned academics of no mean intellectual repute led by Ufo Okeke-Uzodike, a professor of International Relations and Political Economy. The book is engaging, intellectually sound and provides a clear historical insight into a full grasp of some of the contemporary challenges bedeviling the Nigerian society, and by necessary implication, the African region. The book is certainly an excellent resource material and a valuable intellectual asset to policy actors, media practitioners, researchers, scholars and students in the areas of Peace and Conflict studies, development studies, Political Science, Social and Cultural Studies, etc. It is certainly a must read.

AfriHeritage Books

  • Business Environment and Competitiveness across Nigerian States III 2016 Report
  • Business Environment in Nigerian States 2010 -Tackling the Security Challenge: This book is the second in the research publication series under the Business Environment and Competitiveness across Nigerian States (BECANS) programme. The central theme of this publication –Tackling the Security Challenge– reflects BECANS II research evidence which shows that overall, the business environment deteriorated between 2007 and 2010 due largely to increased insecurity.The BECANS initiative is the first ever research-based business environment benchmarking across Nigerian States. The overall goal is to promote evidence-based reforms of the business environment in Nigeria, with focus on the sub-national jurisdictions


  • The Global Economic Crisis and Nigeria: Taking the Right Lessons, Avoiding the Wrong Lessons; This book is fruit of a National Policy Symposium - Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Taking the Right Lessons and Avoiding the Wrong Lessons, held in 2009, at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. The Symposium was an effort to give conceptual form and evidence-based perspective to the national public discourse on the global economic crisis and its implications for Nigeria’s economic planning and management. At the symposium it was seen clearly that he ideas and lessons canvassed there needed to be more widely disseminated in an enduring manner.