About Us

Mission Statement

To provide intellectual leadership in helping Nigeria and Africa think meaningfully through the emerging economic renaissance.


A Renascent Africa that is democratic, prosperous and a major player in the global economy.


We conduct Responsive and Proactive Research in economics and governance 


We have a wide-range of publications in the area of economics, governance and politics. Our publications are from the research works we do

African Heritage Institution, a not-for-profit, non-partisan and independent organization devoted to economic research, capacity building, and networking. Our history dates back to 2001 when we began operations as the African Institute for Applied Economics (AIAE). Until 2012, our activities were focused mostly on social and economic issues.

Then the need for expanded scope became obvious to better account for the range of issues that impact significantly on society. Thus, the new name change in 2013 to African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage) was unveiled with broader programme areas. We are based in Enugu in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Our Goals and Objectives


To promote rapid and broad-based economic growth and development in Nigeria and Africa through better policies and strategies by promoting evidence-based decision making

Direct influence on policy and development

To directly influence policy and strategy choices and their implementation through policy dialogues and direct participation in policy design, evaluation and implementation.

Frontier knowledge in economics

To deepen economics knowledge by conducting frontier research and strategic economic thinking

Capacity Building

To enhance capabilities and skills for cutting-edge economic research and policy analysis by nurturing a critical mass of highly rated internationally competitive economists in the country.


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