AfriHeritage Fellowship Programme

  • Why Assocaite Fellows?

    Aside from the Secretariat staff, and the program/project coordinators, the research, training, and policy advisory activities of the Institution are organized through a network of fellows whose degree of involvement depends on their disposition and competence.

  • Requirements to become a fellow

    An essential requirement for fellows is disposition to actively participate in the Institution’s research activities through physical presence and/or through the Internet exchanges. Membership is open to all Active Researchers {economics, statistics, and finance. Social science, management, accounting, law, and engineering} with capacity to complete at least one paper per year to be circulated either as working paper for the Institution’s Website or publication in journal or book chapter.

  • Senior Fellows
  • Associate Fellows
  • Visiting Scholars

    Short and medium-term visitors such as exchange visitors, scholars and sabbatical leave, etc who wish to use the Institution’s facilities for research.

  • Student Research Fellows

    Research students -M.Sc students writing their theses and Ph.D candidates who have shown considerable potential to contribute to the Institution’s activities.