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November 20, 2019

The African Heritage Institution is devoted to promoting economic growth and development in Nigeria and Africa through economic & social research, capacity building, effective knowledge management and sustained policy advocacy, for evidence-based policy making. In tandem with this objective, the AfriHeritage blog provides frequent updates on articles featuring economic trends, politics, research, youth development, gender, ICT, governance and public policy. The blog posts allow for interactions with a wide range of audiences across the globe whose opinions and thoughts in the comment section provide a platform for further engagement and robust discussions. The AfriHeritage blog is a superb source of information authored and edited by AfriHeritage staff, Associate Fellows and seasoned guest columnists. Vetted guest  articles from the public which align with the blogs objectives can also be featured.

Visit the AfriHeritage blog on

"It is not-for-profit, non-partisan and independent organization devoted to economic research, capacity building and networking with its corporate headquarters located in Enugu, South Eastern part of Nigeria.Our VISION is a Renascent Africa that is democratic, prosperous and a major player in the global economy. Our MISSION is to provide intellectual leadership in helping Nigeria and Africa think through the emerging economic renaissance"


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