AfriHeritage Tweet Chat Series: Pioneering Policy Advocacy Through Social Media

November 20, 2019

One of the most popular definitions of the social media is that it is a collection of communication channels and platforms dedicated to conveying, sharing and exchange of ideas between and among a community of, sometimes, pre-determined persons/parties. The social media is a product of technological revolution of the millennial age.  No doubt, before the advent of the social media, exchange of ideas has always taken place, however, breakthrough in communication and information technology led to the emergence of the social media. The twitter is a veritable arm of the social media, just like others, it is interactive and collaborative. Just like many other social media platforms, graphics, audio and audio-visual contents can be shared with immediate feedbacks.
AfriHeritage adopted tweet chat as one of its policy advocacy tools, given its popularity with policy actors. As a microblogging service, the tweet chat has been utilized to engage stakeholders and other key policy actors on a wide range of issues. With a fairly large community of active users, the tweet chat has afforded the Institution the opportunity to engage and discuss issues that bother on education, political , economic governance as well as developmental and gender affairs.
AfriHeritage Tweet Chat holds twice a month – 2nd Thursday and last Thursday of every month, between 3 and 4pm. Selected resource persons are usually taken on an intellectual excursion on a given subject, through well thought-out questions that allow them to provide an in-depth critical views, depending on the subject in question. The interactive nature of the tweet allows followers to ask questions or make comments which on itself elicits a response.
The AfriHeritage tweet Chat has come to stay as an effective tool for policy advocacy. Follow us on @Afri_heritage

"It is not-for-profit, non-partisan and independent organization devoted to economic research, capacity building and networking with its corporate headquarters located in Enugu, South Eastern part of Nigeria.Our VISION is a Renascent Africa that is democratic, prosperous and a major player in the global economy. Our MISSION is to provide intellectual leadership in helping Nigeria and Africa think through the emerging economic renaissance"


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