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Skills Enhancement Course for AfriHeritage Staff

Efforts aimed at sharpening and enhancing the skills of AfriHeritage members of staff was boosted on Friday January 18, 2018 when the Institution held an in-house training for its staff in the research department. The training session which had Dr. Emeka Iloh as resource person centered on how to prepare a concept note in order to win the interest and attention of the intended target.

Coordinating the training session, the resource person emphasized on the importance of Concept Note as first expression of a project idea; the basic layout to the project plan; shortest expression of your project idea; a brief outline of the project in your mind and an abridged proposal. He opined that a concept note should be taken with utmost seriousness because it is a brief document written to convince potential funders to sponsor a product, programme or service.

According to Dr. Iloh, the importance of Concept Note underscores the fact that sometimes, donor agencies prefer their grant-seeking applicants to submit a comprehensive concept note about their proposed project before submitting a full project proposal. This is because they are likely to understand the project through the eyes of a Concept Note rather than a full-fledged proposal.

Speaking on the importance of periodic in-house trainings, AfriHeritage Program Director, Applied Economics, Dr. Nathaniel Urama, observed that most times, in-house trainings end up becoming more rewarding to both staff and organizations because it allows staff who are the core target of such trainings to stay focused and properly utilize the opportunity offered by the training. This, according to him, cannot be compared to when trainings are held externally and staff are paid allowances, this sometimes can be a source of distraction from the core objectives of the training as staff most times, and are focused on the financial benefit of participating in such training instead of the skills/knowledge derivable from such opportunities. He promised that in-house trainings will be organized periodically as a way of building and enhancing staff capacity.

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