Discussion Guide




What are your reflections of this Summit?


·         Well organized

·         Knowledge enriching

·         Challenging us to be innovative


What valuable lessons have you learnt?

  ·         Economic development could enhance through regional integration


·         PPP enhances economic development

·         The approach of planting palms with the people without acquiring their land

·         Need to make the people stakeholders in projects in their domain



What are the take away ideas from other States you would wish to adopt?

·         Community charter of demand and community based monitors initiative

·         The PPP concept

·         Emphasis on local Direct investment



Why have you chosen this particular State/State’s as a possible source of replication?

·         Inclusiveness and workable

·         Gives room for faster economic development

·         It enhanced development in the state that adopted it and it is easier than Foreign Direct Investment


What would you classify as an Innovative approach?


·         The emphasis on local Direct Investment of the PPP

·         Availability of land bank


What specific actions would you take to implement the reform(s) chosen from other state(s)?

·         Advocacy and sensitization

·         Development of policy frameworks


What would you love to see as the key outcomes of the chosen reforms?


·         Adoption, Implementation and realization of the reforms


What areas would the State Identify as areas of possible collaboration with other States?

·         Experience sharing in areas of PPP and Local Driven Investors (LDI)


What would you consider as the main areas of challenges in replicating an innovative approach and how do you plan to address the challenges?

a)    Getting the peoples buy into new ideas like CCD & CBM


·         This will be addressed through advocacy and sensitization


·         Funding


What would you consider as the main areas of opportunity in replicating an innovative approach?

 ·         All-inclusive involvement in development that promotes ownership and protection of development projects


 ·         PPP will enhance economic development


 ·         Harnessing  the available land mass in the state



Detail support required by your State from PERL SE to ensure replication exercise takes place and best practices/innovations adopted

 ·         Technical support in preparing PPP and other policy frameworks



How does this support fit into your reform initiative?

·         Capacity building in PPP management and land bank establishment


Time period required to carry out replication exercise

Twelve months


Government official Responsible

Secretary to the State Government  (SSG)


How can the process of economic integration be strengthened?

·         Establishment of SE economic commission with the governors at the helm