Draft Action Plan for Ebonyi State On Adopting Lessons Learned


Discussion Guide




What are your reflections of this Summit?


  • The summit has created great awareness for the need of States in the S.E region to have a common ground on developmental issues


What valuable lessons have you learnt?

  •  Identification of problem is necessary
  • Prioritization of needs based on areas of comparative advantage
  • Integration of community based participation.


What are the take away ideas from other States you would wish to adopt?

Engagement of PPP

Land bank initiative

Carrying out of base line survey

Need for establishment of legal frame work on land use

Community engagement to drive home innovation

Planning areas of collaboration with other south east states.


Why have you chosen this particular State/State’s as a possible source of replication?

Anambra has god initiative in terms of engagement of PPP in driving home the state growth through

Rapid industrial growth

Reduces government burden.

Creates more employment opportunities

Increased state IGR and GDP


What would you classify as an Innovative approach?

Adopting more effective ways of doing things to achieve results Eg

Land bank




What specific actions would you take to implement the reform(s) chosen from other state(s)?

Develop policy framework for the adoption of PPP and participatory governance

Conduct baseline studies on areas of need


What would you love to see as the key outcomes of the chosen reforms?

Effective implementation of programs/projects

Community ownership which encourages sustainability.

Evidence based policy making


What areas would the State Identify as areas of possible collaboration with other States?

Agricultural sector

Infrastructural linkages (Roads, Railways, power)


Policy development


What would you consider as the main areas of challenges in replicating an innovative approach and how do you plan to address the challenges?

Mobilization of communities – participatory governance

Through sensitization of communities and CSOs

Putting in place the PPP policy

Support from development partners,  visit to Anambra State to understudy their model (ANSEPPA)


What would you consider as the main areas of opportunity in replicating an innovative approach?

Adoption of PPP to increase output

Sustainability of government programs and projects through CCD and CBM.


Detail support required by your State from PERL SE to ensure replication exercise takes place and best practices/innovations adopted

Advocacy visit to the governor of Ebonyi State

Fund support for reformed initiatives

Technical support and trainings for stakeholders In the State


How does this support fit into your reform initiative?

Since the reforms are new, and capital intensive there is need for funding support

Advocacy visits will stimulate political will

Technical support and training will expand capacity for undertaking the reforms.


Time period required to carry out replication exercise

12 months


Government official Responsible

The Governor/EXCO


 Relevant MDAs and NGOs


How can the process of economic integration be strengthened?

Constant regional stakeholders summit

South East Governor’s forum

Common sectoral policies