Draft Action Plan for SE States on Adopting Lessons Learned


Discussion Guide




What are your reflections of this Summit?


·         Apt and timely especially now that the State Governors are trying to come together

·         Cross cutting issues within the South East highlighted

·         Lessons learnt from each State


What valuable lessons have you learnt?

·         Great potentials inherent in South East integration

·         Community and Civil Society participation can strengthen governance

·         PPP is a viable option for social economic development



What are the take away ideas from other States you would wish to adopt?

·         Establishment of Agency for PPP coordination

·         Land bank development

·         Community Charter of Demand

·         To adopt or use community driven platform such as Town Unions and CBM to generate and submit issues that will feed  into VEC

·         Adopt LDI and one stop shop

·         Enugu State Investment Promotion Agency


Why have you chosen this particular State/State’s as a possible source of replication?

·         Anambra Model is innovative and simple to adopt and has stronger demand side participation



What would you classify as an Innovative approach?

An Innovative approach is a new ways of doing things that add value



What specific actions would you take to implement the reform(s) chosen from other state(s)?

·         Communicate the Chief Executive and executive council through the Commissioner

·         CSO in this gathering will lead the advocacy



What would you love to see as the key outcomes of the chosen reforms?

·         Increase in Local Direct Investments (LDI)

·         Enhance inter-State Synergy

·         Community participation in governance process

·         Enhance political will from the government




What areas would the State Identify as areas of possible collaboration with other States?

·         Common infrastructure (Road, electricity)

·         Issue of mutual land use (agriculture)


What would you consider as the main areas of challenges in replicating an innovative approach and how do you plan to address the challenges?

·         Problem of adoption of innovation

·         Issue of sustainability

·         Development capacity to harness the innovation



What would you consider as the main areas of opportunity in replicating an innovative approach?

·         Abandon of arable Land for both industry and agriculture

·         Availability of man power

·         Mutual sharing of experience


Detail support required by your State from PERL SE to ensure replication exercise takes place and best practices/innovations adopted

·         Capacity building

·         Funding

·         Building platforms for synergy amongst States

·         Advocacy strengthening


How does this support fit into your reform initiative?

·         Overcome issue of adoption and awareness creation

·         Solve poverty of funds to kicks tart development innovation

·         Technical support 


Time period required to carry out replication exercise

·         1 – 2 years (for sensitization and awareness, advocacy)

·         Medium term (2 – 3)

·         Long term (3 years and above) depending on the project


Government official Responsible

·         Governor - Chief Executive Officer

·         Executive Council

·         Speaker House of Assembly


How can the process of economic integration be strengthened?

·         Regular meeting and experience sharing to avoid mutual suspicion between the States

·         Transparency