Discussion Guide




What are your reflections of this Summit?


There is need for regional integration, collaboration and cooperation to achieve socio-economic advancement for the South East region.


What valuable lessons have you learnt?

We have been exposed to various governance innovations from other states, like private public partnership and need to develop land banks for prospective investors and community development charter.


What are the take away ideas from other States you would wish to adopt?

Ø  Private Public Partnership

Ø  Community development Charter

Ø  Land Banking Process


Why have you chosen this particular State/State’s as a possible source of replication?

Because of the success recorded with the strategy adopted by the state in implementing the reforms: PPP, Community Charter of Demand, Community monitor.



What would you classify as an Innovative approach?

Ø  Community base Monitor

Ø  Community Development Charter

Ø  Community participation in determining decision making and election of their leaders and participatory governance.

Ø  Replicate Anambra PPP framework and adopt the approaches in its implementation.


What specific actions would you take to implement the reform(s) chosen from other state(s)?

We already have a PPP law in place in Abia. What we need is to compare note with the framework of the PPP in Anambra. A delegation of the State will visit Anambra and understudy. The executive council will be briefed for their buy-in of the initiative.



What would you love to see as the key outcomes of the chosen reforms?

Ø  Increasing job and wealth creation for individuals and communities.

Ø  Coherent in Government business transaction.

Ø  Improving the ease of doing business and Government revenue.


What areas would the State Identify as areas of possible collaboration with other States?




Ø  Private Public Partnership

Ø  Land Bank

Ø  Community Development charter of Demand

Ø  Community Monitor.

Ø  Improved Healthcare facilities

Ø  Resolution of Land Disputes among States in the Region.

Ø  Collaboration with other states in the zone on irrigation Services


What would you consider as the main areas of challenges in replicating an innovative approach and how do you plan to address the challenges?

Funding gap





What would you consider as the main areas of opportunity in replicating an innovative approach?

Ø  Political Will and Support

Ø  Availability of Willing Investors.



Detail support required by your State from PERL SE to ensure replication exercise takes place and best practices/innovations adopted

Ø  Technical and Financial Support.

Ø  Human capital development...

Ø  Technical support on land Bank acquisition, characterization and survey.


How does this support fit into your reform initiative?

Ø  Achieve the Land Bank in readiness for PPP, ease of doing business.

Ø  Support the Government Agriculture in Palm oil and other value chain.


Time period required to carry out replication exercise

One year period.



Government official Responsible

Ø  Ministry of Agriculture

Ø  Ministry of Lands

Ø  Office of PPP.

Ø  Ministry of Trade and Investment.

Ø  Ministry of Justice.

Ø  Ministry of Finance

Ø  Abia State house of Assembly.

Ø  Abia State Executive Council.



How can the process of economic integration be strengthened?

Ø  Through the South East Governors Forum Driving the process.

Ø  South East Traditional Rulers Council through the authority of the governor.