Draft action plan for Anambra State on adopting lessons learned


Discussion Guide




What are your reflections of this Summit?


1.      An avenue for South-Eastern States to brainstorm;

2.      To learn each State’s strategy and possible ways to synergize;

3.      Articulate common challenges and proffer solutions.


What valuable lessons have you learnt?

1.      Helps us to understand similarities and harmonize;

2.      Use of roadsides to plant economic tress;

3.      Incorporating communities into large scale mechanized farming;

4.      There should be a baseline for proper accountability and measurement.


What are the take away ideas from other States you would wish to adopt?

1.      Abia –land utilization by using roadsides and boundaries for planting economic trees;

2.      Enugu –provision of affordable maternal and child healthcare program;

3.      Ebonyi – more effective and efficient means of including the communities arount the farming areas.


Why have you chosen this particular State/State’s as a possible source of replication?

1.      Abia – land utilization and erosion control;

2.      Enugu – their ability to make healthcare accessible;

3.      Ebonyi  - their community base participation.


What would you classify as an Innovative approach?

New ways /approach of doing things to add more value.


What specific actions would you take to implement the reform(s) chosen from other state(s)?

1.      New legislation and guidelines;

2.      Using relevant stakeholders to track implementation.


What would you love to see as the key outcomes of the chosen reforms?

Reduce Child Mortality rate

Beautification of the State (Green Trees)

Increase the State’s IGR


What areas would the State Identify as areas of possible collaboration with other States?

Land Acquisition

Exchange of Agriculture Products (Vertical Integration)


What would you consider as the main areas of challenges in replicating an innovative approach and how do you plan to address the challenges?

Targeted Advocacy

Political will of relevant  stakeholders

Resources (Human, etc)


What would you consider as the main areas of opportunity in replicating an innovative approach?

Revenue Recovery

Primary healthcare facilities in communities


Detail support required by your State from PERL SE to ensure replication exercise takes place and best practices/innovations adopted

Sell the ideas directly to the Governors Forum (High Level Advocacy)

Capacity building

Sensitization of investors

Establish a research institute

Support the State’s developmental plan and sectors strategy


How does this support fit into your reform initiative?

Expand OSS

Institutional capacity building


Time period required to carry out replication exercise




Government official Responsible

Dr Ifediora Amobi


How can the process of economic integration be strengthened?

SE Governors forum

Regional Economic team

Functional regional chamber of commerce

SE market association

Diaspora linkages/engagements

SE Algon